InteresantI Profesia de bibliotecar pe locul doi în șirul celor mai dezirabile profesii

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Un studiu realizat în Regatul Unit constată că profesia de bibliotecar se află pe locul doi într-un top al profesiilor dorite. După ce un studiu realizat în anul 2014 în SUA plasa profesia de bibliotecar în primele zece profesii amenințate cu dispariția în viitorul apropiat?
The three most desirable jobs in Britain are author, librarian and academic
Forget dreams of a glittering career in Premier League football or Hollywood. The three most desirable jobs in Britain are an author, a librarian and an academic, according to a new study that suggests the country is increasingly bookish in its career aspirations.
The “aura of prestige” connected with a career in writing or academia is preferable to jobs that brought promises of wealth and celebrity status, according to a Yougov survey with more than 14,000 respondents.
Being an author was the most popular choice among both men and women, with more than 60 per cent selecting it as their dream job. It was followed by a career as a librarian (54 per cent) and in academia (51 per cent). Lawyers came in fourth place, with journalism in sixth behind interior design.
The poll suggests a wider intellectual thirst and appetite for careers that provide the “quiet, intellectual life”, Yougov said.
Men were far more likely to want to be train drivers, Formula 1 drivers and astronauts, while women were more likely to want to be interior designers, librarians and academics, the study found. More than 40 per cent of male respondents said they would like a career as an MP, compared to just 21 per cent of women.


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Ghid pentru pedagogi și lucrători de tineret privind promovarea Uniunii Europene în școli Calculator pentru valoarea bibliotecii

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