Avantajele utilizării diferitor Browsere /Use a Different Browser for Work Stuff

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Într-o postare din 27 ianuarie David Lee King recomandă personalului de bibliotecă să utilizeze mai multe Browsere( Chrome, Firefox). Aceasta permite logarea concomitentă în diverse medii sociale.
My last post talked about some tools to use when managing multiple Instagram accounts. When I was writing that post, I realized that I had another tip to share … here it is!
And it’s an easy one. Use separate browsers for work and personal stuff. This works great for me. For example, I’m logged into my personal Google account (for gmail, Google plus, Google Apps, etc.) all the time at work. I use Chrome for that. Chrome is also hooked into Facebook, my personal Twitter account, etc. – pretty much anything “me related” goes on Chrome.
For work-related web tools, I use Firefox. This gives me an easy way to log into separate social media accounts at the same time. For example, I can be logged into work and personal Twitter accounts, or work and personal Google accounts at the same time. No logging out of one and into the other one.
So – a simple tip that might work for you. Have any other tips to share? Please do!


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